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Australian Horse Racing Tips

I have been betting on horse racing for quite some time now, and you would be amazed to learn how much money I have for winning on Australian horse racing tips and information from a wide variety of sources, however I’ve found out that, in order to win, I simply needed to search for specific horse racing tips and so I did.

However, before I found out the right  racing tips, I had to search in many different places, I even remember my first booklet purchase, which was advertised in almost every horse racing tips publication I encountered, this booklet was extremely simple to use and taught me the basic rules for gambling my money on horses.

However I only managed to acquire small profits, since basically these horse racing tips were intended to be used on small stakes only and after some testing I discovered the horse racing tips just weren’t right.

After some time I discovered some horse racing tips which I am about to share with you. My new strategy is to combine multiple and different bets, using the old system based on low stakes and merge it with high returning bets.

Winning Horse Racing Tips

This new horse racing tips pay themselves, most of the time I win just one of the 2 bets, and end up acquiring only a small profit, however there are times when my high returning bet pays off, and there are some extremely amazing days when both of my bets will return a profit, those are the days that make my entire week extremely profitable.

Other great horse racing tips is to actually attend the racetrack. If you attend the racetrack you save the money for taxes, and just those savings may prove to be your profit by the end of the month. Every professional horse racing gambler can be found personally at the tracks, no bookies, no intermediaries, and no fees.

However, it was until recently that I developed a magnificent horse racing software which provided a daily and accurate way to maximize my horse racing tips. With this software I managed to boost my profits to levels I hardly imagined possible. However, I highly recommend you to try betting with the low stakes / high returns horse racing tips merging strategy mentioned above and once you save enough money from your profits, expand your horizons and get ready to make real profits. I hope these horse racing tips were useful for you.

Horse Racing Australia

The growing popularity of horse racing Australia owes the three leading annual horse race events in Sydney and Melbourne; i.e. the Melbourne cup, the Cox plate and the Caulfield cup. Like every popular sport, horse racing  Australia has its punters always wanting to stay ahead of the game and make money while at it. The various online sports betting websites provide the Australian punters with just the opportunity to do this.


Horse Race Australia is one of the online sports betting websites offering information on all upcoming feature races, race tracks and their up to date ratings, and details on the jockeys and horse trainers. This site also offers free bets and handy tips. The site also provides recordings of past and current champions. Better yet, this site gives the current betting trends and displays of weights, fields and barrier draws.

AAP Megaform

This site provides updates within the racing industry, sports news, and also gives previews on major Aussie race meetings, results on TAB meetings as well as the dividends. Also provides a sports and form analyser.

Sporting Bet

This site covers both local and overseas sports betting markets. It offers diverse bonuses and promotions portfolio. Aussie punters also get to make deposits and wagers in Aussie dollars eliminating exchange rate cares.

Top Punter

Aussie punters benefit from numerous betting tips, previews, bets and summaries on all sports and games that they are betting on for free. This site also provides top notch betting services that help the punters make money for instance the popular super Aussie horse ratings on the four urban Saturday races.

Titan Bet

This site provides a world class punting experience for all Aussie punters. It provides guaranteed rewards every week through special promotions and commendable every step of the way customer experience. The site provides an opportunity to punters to bet on their favourite sport from horse racing to football and tennis. It also provides an opportunity to the punters to follow their favourite sport live through the weekly live coverage of hundreds of events providing an opportunity for a variety of live bets. They also offer promotions including free bets, refunds and weekly cash prizes.

Betting Horses to win

This site is dedicated to Aussie best punting strategies and horse racing. They provide high quality horse racing Australia info and deliver results based on their betting strategies. They provide pro-filing, educate on becoming a professional punter and give a racing and betting online course.

The internet is teeming with online sports betting sites. It’s best to go for one that takes into account your information safety as well as provides good punting tips, promotions and bonuses.