Digiturf Online Horse Racing

3D Virtual Online Racing is addictive and tremendous fun.

Digiturf.com is a thrilling virtual horse racing game offering the exciting opportunity to own, train and race virtual horses against a global community of Digiturf.com players. The spectacular 3D races may be virtual, but the rewards are real!

Join by following the links which will automatically register you to get your first virtual horse and silks FREE and to race in unlimited races for FREE as well as $10 Bonus Credits on sign up! In addition you can take advantage of a high value Special Offer within 30 days from the date of joining. The winners circle awaits you… Join up with me now!


This is a screen capture of my own free Digiturf account including my horse Hakattak and all the stats and enhancements available to me as a free horse trainer/owner.

And for those of you who would like to see my first race, here is a short video to prove I WON!!!

Look, I am having a ball even on the free account I have and I know you will to. So check it out for yourself. Hopefully by using this link you will be linked in with me: Free online 3D virtual horse racing at Digiturf.

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